David Gandy Promo for 'Plaza' Magazine/Cinematography by Kimberley Senior / Edit and FX Tia Salisbury.


British Tatler. Directed by Kate Davis-Macleod / Cinematography by Kate Elson / Edit and effects by Tia Salisbury


Tatler. Director - Kate Davis-Macleod / Cinematography - Kate Elson / Editor - Tia Salisbury / Fashion Editor - Deep Kailey / Music - 'Pulse' by DOLMAN 


'The Knitivity' is a festive tale of artistry, fundraising and friendship. Six talented ladies produce something extraordinary, in this short documentary filmed in Bristol, England. Winner of best directing in a short documentary 'Southampton Film Festival'.

Directed and edited by Tia Salisbury / Cinematography by Kimberley Senior.